TECHNOPLAST CORPORATION is involved in the sales and processing of plastics materials. We handle various kinds of processing including sheet cutting, lathe working, sheet bending and bonding, small diameter round bar cutting, carving and printing and molding, etc. In addition to plastic processed items, we also offer inspection equipment as well.

If you have any trouble with plastic processing, please contact us.

Main product categories

MC nylon/ POM/ super high molecular PE/ PPS/ Teflon/ PEEK/ PP/ PE/ acrylic/ vinyl chloride/ PET/ polycarbonate/ Bakelite/ epoxy glass/ silicon glass/ Miolex/ Unilate/ ABS/ PAI/ PI/ PEI/ PBT/ industrial rubber
* We also deal in various other materials.

Company Name
Main Business Activities
Various processes of plastics and material sales
Company Address
5-1-1, Shioya-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture



The temperature in our factory is controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plastic is very sensitive to temperature, and its dimensions change with temperature.

To prevent this as much as possible, the temperature in our factory is kept constant all the time.

Factory facilities

We offer great flexibility ranging from ultra-small parts to complicated formed precision parts, and from trial products to mass-produced products!!
Using our process network with leading-edge equipment and excellent human resources, we offer high additional value products.

Cutting processing

Thick items, long items and large bore items are easily cut using a microcomputer running saw, a panel saw and a cutoff machine etc. In addition, we do finishing including thickness finishing and end finishing according to the application.

Processing of plastics materials starts with cutting. The material is cut into an appropriate size for easy working. In addition, we conduct cut edge finishing or thickness finishing etc. according to the nature of processing or customer requests. 

* The image shows a microcomputer running saw
(4,000 x2,100 x130)

General processing

Here products are carefully made one by one manually mainly using semi-automatic carving machines.
Unlike machining processes, there is no program. So the craftsman’s skills and experience are always necessary.

There are still many manually made products that are more cost effective.
However, we take precision very seriously.
It is possible because we have the craftsman’s skills and experience.

Machining processing

Here, making full use of machining center (MC), high precision products are made.
At present, there are twelve large and small MCs are used according to the process content and product size and the largest can process materials up to (1,000 x 2,000).

Needless to say, we have the latest CAD/CAM equipment and it is possible to do processing with data from our customers.

* The image shows a standing-type machining center
(2,075 x 1,070 x 800)

Lathe processing

We have various kinds of lathes from general to large-sized complex. So it is possible to flexibly support various needs.

The latest large-sized 5 axis complex lathe is a must-see!

Needless to say, it is possible for us to process with your 3D data.

*The image shows a complex NC lathe “Index”
(740 x 410 x 1,350)

Other processing

It is possible for us to “bend at a right angle” and “in a circular pattern”.

We handle various adhesion and welding processes.We handle various adhesion and welding processes.

Bending process (right angle)

Bending process (circular pattern)

Adhesion and welding processed products (PVC)

We handle various kinds of heat insulation plate processing.

Bakelite, epoxy glass and Miolex, etc.

Various heat insulation processed products

Epoxy glass processing